Why I Up-cycled My Kitchen Cupboards

Hi everyone. Just wanted to share my latest DIY project with you all. I’ve been staring at my old, outdated kitchen units for the past year or so now, thinking how much I can’t wait to update them. But after months of searching for the new perfect kitchen within my price range I just couldn’t find anything that I liked enough.  During one gossip and whinge session with my friend Louise recently, she said “Sandra, just give the old one’s a makeover”. And so I did…


I started by taking all of the doors off their hinges and giving them a good clean with sugar soap to remove all of the grease and dirt built up over years of cooking.  I then lightly sanded each one with medium grain sandpaper.  This was an arduous task but absolutely necessary I’m afraid.  I used an undercoat before giving each door several coats in a beautiful light sage colour.  I left two doors free of the sage paint so that I could paint them with chalkboard paint. These were doors from two of the lower cupboards, painted in this way so that the kids can go nuts with chalk on the cupboards instead of the walls!


For the sage cupboards I had brilliant idea. I have had some vintage floral prints stored away for several years now with not a clue what to do with them. Finally, I could put these to good use.  They were the perfect size to fit into the door panels. I fixed these on with wallpaper paste, which worked a treat, and then gave them a few coats of varnish. The end result is, in my humble opinion, quite stunning. I can’t wait to show Louise.


All that was left was to find some new handles, which I did. Well, actually, they are old metal doorknobs that I managed to find in my local reclamation yard. Nearly all of them are different from one another, which is just as I like it. I briefly toyed with the idea of soldering on some vintage teaspoons but thought this might look a bit tacky after a while. The metal knobs are far more timeless.


Catch you all next time x