Victorian Drawer Planters

I went to a yard sale last weekend and bought some old drawers. The couple selling the drawers had lost the chest unit to termites, those pesky little rotters. The entire shell of the chest of drawers had been devoured so badly that it became a soft, dilapidated structure. The pests had not started on the actual drawer units though, so they disposed of the chest and termite treated the drawers. As they were renovating their home, they had lots of various pieces of furniture and ornaments for sale and figured that someone might find a use for the old drawers. They are beautiful pieces from a genuine Victorian chest of drawers. Luckily for them, and me, as soon as I saw them I came up with and excellent idea for the drawers: to use them as planting boxes!


The boxes are made from a dark Rosewood and I have planted a variety of colorful flowers and pants in them to adorn my terrace. Once the flowers grow I imagine they will look extremely attractive as a border to my garden terrace. I am hoping that the overall effect will be similar to that in the picture below. I’ve wanted something interesting to use as a planting box for a long time now and have thought about using old boots, an old toilet and even an old bath tub in the past.  However, finding these beautiful Victorian drawers was a real treat for me as I think they are the most classic and classiest way to make planters with a difference. Once the flowers have bloomed I will post some pictures and would love to hear your thoughts. That’s all for now but I’ll be back soon with more news of my home and garden improvements. Much love, Sandra.