Vacuum Cleaners Undusted

Vacuum Cleaners Undusted

Welcome back guys, I really do hope that you’ve found my posts up until now useful as I have been trying to provide you with the best advice possible. This post I wanted to look at that choir that we all love doing so much, vacuuming. If you’ve got to do a job like vacuuming, then you want the right tool to make it as less tedious as possible. A bit like ironing, doing the washing or any other household cleaning task, having the right piece of kit can cut the task down to a fraction of the time and if your kit is good enough, you might even find a little room for some enjoyment.

Best Vacuum on the Market for the money - Numatic Henry HVR200-A2?

Henry, made by the company Numatic, is probably one of the best known household hoover brands along with Dyson. It’s a brand that’s also popular with professional cleaners not just your average housewife. I know on numerous occasions, I’ve walked past a store cupboard with a Henry sitting there and have walked past a cleaner with a Henry-in-tow. They’re renowned as work horses and are very durable. This Henry has a huge 9-litre bag capacity so you don’t have to constantly clear the bag after every use. It may not stand-up to some of the more expensive hoovers when cleaning deep into corners etc but for the money you can afford it the odd shortcoming. $130 dollars should get you a brand new Henry.

Best Vaccum on the market, full-stop! – Dyson V6 Fluffy?

The Dyson V6 Fluffy is an absolute beast, you would expect nothing less considering it will cost somewhere in the region of $450- $500 dollars to purchase. I’ve listed a few of the key features below:

  • 'Fluffy' cleaning head for hard-floors
  • Powered cleaner head for extra strong cleaning
  • Mini pet hair cleaning head to get-up all of those stray hairs
  • Crevice tools for getting into the tightest spots
  • Cordless stick vacuum (run time 20-mins)

This really does set the standard for modern day vacuum cleaners. I think even the least avid of cleaners would enjoy hoovering with one of these babies, at least just a little. This model does away with cords which has always been one of the big frustrations when you’re trying to hoover, especially when there’s multiple obstacles in the way. Cordless technology was a little poor to begin with but this latest Dyson really does do a splendid job. This ‘Fluffy’ upgrade to the previous standard V6 sees a spinning head tool which is designed to be perfect with hard floors and helps to capture all the bigger chunks of dust. The soft bristle head also works wonders on wooden floors, preventing damage to your wood. You can adjust the hoover to a handheld so doubles great as a car hoover or to easily get into your sofas and beds etc. I’d have been inclined to say that if you can spend this much on a hoover, your either incredibly sad or stupidly rich but to be fair, if I had the money, I’d love to have one and if you look at the value it would bring to your home, it starts to sound a bit less of an unnecessary expensive.

Other brands worth a mention - Sebo Airbelt E1 Pet / Miele C3 Cat & Dog Powerline

For those with a bit of cash then I’d suggest take a look at the Sebo Airbelt E1 Pet as a slightly cheaper alternative to the Dyson. This bagged cylinder style cleaner has a whopping 1200W motor and s-class dust filtration.. As the name suggests, its designed to tackle pet hair as its speciality. It is built with high quality so you can see where your cash is going. It has a quiet operating volume also so hoovering won’t be such a deafening experience.

The Miele Powerline is a little more affordable but still a bit more expensive than the trusty Henry. It does again specialise in pet hair, also sporting a pet odour filter. It’s a good all-rounder performing good on hard floors and carpets. If you’re already thinking of spending a few hundred dollars though on a hoover and were considering the Miele, why not just go the extra mile and have either the Dyson or Sebo?

Where to buy

I picked up my latest hoover from Walmart, I actually went for the Dyson V6 slim as it was a little cheaper and light-weight but still full of great technology, They have a big selection if you check out their site and the prices are pretty much what you’ll find anywhere for a brand new one.

Risk going second-hand

If you want a nicer brand but want to risk trying out a second hand one for less, you could try checking out one of the used goods websites. I can’t say I’d recommend getting anything other than a branded new vacuum but you might be surprised. Just clarify how much usage it’s had and the condition it’s in before you buy. Check out this link if you want to try your look at finding decent old used vacuum cleaners for sale. They seem to have a good selection of some of the top brands. You’ll definitely save a bit of cash this way if you find one in good working order.

Let me know how you get on if you do decide to go for a second hand one. If anyone has tried out a hoover that they particularly like, also let me know.

Cheers Guys