Second hand love

Hi, welcome back to my blog. I hope you have enjoyed the posts so far. I have had a lot of fun writing them and it has been interesting reading your comments and feedback, I have learnt a lot too!

Today I thought I would ramble a little about my love for second hand and vintage furnishings. I think it all started when I was younger, my grandmother has always been a bit of (ok, a big) hoarder. She literally can’t throw anything away. I have fond memories of traipsing around car boot sales and antique fairs looking for bargains with her. This tradition carried on through to my mom who also loved to collect things and steered away from anything modern, she wasn’t quite as eccentric as my nan though and had a slightly more refined taste! I guess when I was younger I didn’t really appreciate second hand items because I always wanted to compete with the children at school. I always remember being so embarrassed if my grandma picked me up in her really old Morris Minor. Looking back now though I can really appreciate vintage styles – having something that is interesting, characteristic and unique. Modern furniture can seem so generic but it does have its place, I guess an amalgamation of old and new is the best kind of compromise.

Anytime I visit a new city I seek out second hand and vintage stores. I can spend hours rooting through the rubbish and find an amazing designer item or something that just screams 70’s chic. My house is full of these random finds. I particularly like to take items that I can use for something completely unexpected such as turning a bench into a table or a crate into a bookshelf. I honestly think that if you embrace the world of second hand then you can really have some fun!