Re-potting a Plant

What's up ya’ll, welcome back to my home and garden blog Rodyont. The sun is out more and more this time of year, and my plants are sure appreciating it. I work hard at maintaining my garden, and I think that it shows if you look at it. But now my plants are getting bigger and they need bigger pots. Being the nature loving person I am, I went online to find some used pots and found which had lots of flower pots as well as pruners, trimmers and of course used soil that I could buy. This helped me save lots of money which meant more flowers! Here is my quick guide to how to how to re-pot your plants.

Unpotted plant

Step 1- Get it ready for Potting

The very first thing you need to do is get a bigger pot. I like to buy all of my pots used, as they have a little bit of growth inside that adds to your plant growing. Take a look at all of the used pots for sale on and I am sure you will find something that will suit your plant. Then you should give the plant a light watering, not as much as your normally would be enough to wet the roots. You then need to gently remove the plant from the pot, trying not to break any of the roots. Take a look at the techniques used on Today’s Homeowner if you are struggling.

empty plant pot

Step 2- Plant that Plant

After you have safely removed the plant and trimmed the roots so they are in a nice shape, you need to move it into the new pot. If your soil does not drain well, be sure to add some gravel to the bottom off the pot before anything. Put a small mound of soil on top of that for the plant to sit on, then add the plant. Put some top soil on top of it ( I bought used topsoil from and it had tons of worms in it) and gently tuck the plant in. Make sure not to bury the plant deeper than it was before, but you need to still add quite of bit of soil and gently press it down. Let the plant settle for a couple hours, and see if you need to add more dirt.

finished potted plant

You’re done!

That is all there is to it. Once you have made sure the plant it trimmed after settling, all you need to think about is if the plant is still getting enough sun. I hope this post was helpful to any of you who are going to be re-potting plants soon. If you enjoyed this post and want to read more like it, be sure to check out my previous post on rice cooker recipes. Have a great week everyone, talk to you soon.