Painting Tips

Hi guys. Here I am with the first entry of my Home and Garden themed blog. Now like I said I aim to make it easier and more affordable to help make your living spaces a more beautiful place. Going to start off with some tips on painting, that I got from a professional friend of mine. They’re really good and work very well!


  • Might sound obvious but make sure your walls are clean before you start. Don’t take forever with it though. Just get rid of all of the dust, and then you can start.
  • The best paint strokes are with a “W” pattern, this way the paint is better distributed making sure that all areas are the same thickness. Very important!
  • If you have a very large amount of painting to do and need multiple tins, then, if you have one, get a much larger vessel and pour all of your paint inside. This will get rid of any slight differences between any two tins.
  • Do you ever get fed up with trying to paint around sills and handles and then have to clean the paint off later, causing a bit of a pain in the butt? Well look no further than a bit of Vaseline. If you place some of the petroleum jelly around the sills etc. then it will be very easy to wipe off later. This one is a very good tip indeed.
  • If you dislike the ‘aroma’ of paint then a great tip is to place a couple of drops of your favourite essence (vanilla for example) inside the paint and the room will smell lovely whilst you’re painting. Thank me later.


Like I said these are easy tips and not too crazy. Minimal effort is required and you will get better results for it. Try it next time you have to paint a room!