New-Age Washing Machines

It’s that time again when I’ve realised that my current washing machine is on the brink and has pretty much run its cycle. My clothes are coming out still soaked because the spin cycle no longer works, it seems to be wobbling about far more than it used to when I first bought it and half the time, the detergent hasn’t rinsed properly so there’s powder stains over some of the clothes whilst others still smell like they haven’t even been washed. So yes, I think it’s time to bring in a replacement. I’ve never been keen on trying to get them repaired as they just end up needing replacing anyway so you may as well get it over and done with and send it on its way to the washing machine graveyard. I’m sure if I leave it out on the front yard, the scrap man will come and take it away in no time.

Going ECO

It’s got a few more so-called washes to do yet though before I can get rid as I need to search for a replacement. I reckon it’s probably been about five years since I was on the market for a new washer. It’s done fairly well by washing machine standards I suppose and it has seen a lot of use so I have to respect it. Technology has definitely continued to advance just like it always does when you come back five years later and see what’s now available. The most important thing that I, and I’m sure most people look for in a washer, is its economic value. When your using your washer day-in and day-out, you want to make sure it’s not eating away at your electricity and adding even more cost to your latest bill. It seems that modern day washers are all about being eco-friendly as they’ve recognised that it’s what the consumer is after. Utility costs are forever on the rise so it’s becoming even more important for people nowadays as they try and slash their bills wherever they can.

So it begins, the search for the most affordable, eco-friendly washer is on. I’ve not had a mega good look at everything available on the market so far but I have come across what looks like a serious contender.


Panasonic NA-168VG4

The Panasonic is apparently all about efficiency and being as cheap to run as any washer you’ll find. This seems to be backed-up in all the expert reviews I’m ready where they say that from their tests, it is the cheapest to run washing machine they have ever reviewed. There is new technology from Samsung called Ecobubble which I’ll mention in a minute that does really efficient washing at lower temperatures but if you prefer to wash at warmer temperatures then the Panasonic wins hands-down. Check out the Panasonic products online for a more detailed review. It sounds like a really good washer and is affordable too.


Samsung Ecobubble WF80F5E5U4W

This is meant to be a great all-round machine. The Ecobubble mode, which is designed to give high cleaning performance at low temperatures, does save a lot of money so the cost per cycle is phenomenal. Because of the unique technology, it cleans clothes as good as, if not better, than a lot of its rivals do at higher temperatures. For me, it does seem like a toss-up between these two washers. They both have great efficiency and could save a lot of money in the long-run so I think either would be a great choice. It’s difficult to know the reliability when you’re buying something new as they haven’t been on the market long enough for everyday users to see how they hold up from continuous everyday use. Obviously these machines are put through rigorous testing before we see them in the shops but you never really know until you fast forward five years later and its either still going strong, or died a death.

The Bottom-line

I’ve been checking out the as-new market to see if I can find one of these models that’s being sold on but is pretty much unused. There can be many reasons for why a product is being sold on, it’s not necessarily because they don’t do the job or are faulty in some way. These models are pretty new too so there’s a limit to how much they could have been used anyway. I haven’t really come across these two models but I have found other used washing machine models in their respective product lines and I could save this way. Do I really need to save a few extra bucks though when I could just get one new out the box that’s better? Wish the use it will get; I don’t really think so.