Managing your Greenhouse

Hope you’ve enjoyed the blog so far. Here’s a few tips on managing your own greenhouse. The great thing with a greenhouse being that it gives you a lot more room to grow your vegetables and you’re able to create better conditions so they grow faster. My first piece of advice would definitely therefore be to buy one as big as you possibly can to maximize what you can produce. Believe me, it will be worth the investment as growing your own fruit and veg saves you a lot of money and is one of the most all-round rewarding hobbies. You could always buy a second-hand greenhouse and even if there’s the odd crack or missing pain, you can easily source spares to patch it up. This could help you save even more if you find a real preowned bargain.

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make is on how big you can go and which style best suits your garden. If you have space, then go for the walk-in style with plenty of room. You can also get the lean-to style if you don’t quite have as much room and fancy something a bit smaller. Either way, when deciding, always consider where the un will be throughout the day as the more sun, the better the plants will grow.

One thing that maybe isn’t considered is a good foundation. Make sure the greenhouse is solid because you don’t want to wake up to a collapsed greenhouse. As far as frame is concerned, the wood does look nice but will eventually rot so a metal frame is probably recommended. A few other things to consider is whether you’re going to grow in pots or straight into the ground. I prefer shelving and pots so I can manage my plants better. I also have a tap that I’ve built into the greenhouse for easy watering. One more thing, make sure there’s also ample venting in the roof. That’s pretty much it for my tips, see you for the next post.