Making your own Compost

Making your own Compost

If you want a thriving garden, be it a nice display of colourful flowers or your looking to grow your own fruit and veg, having good compost is essential. Compost however is another expense and another barrier stopping people from being bothered to tackle the garden. For me, the reason I wanted to start making my own compost, was because money is a little tight at the moment and I figured that the more fruit and veg I can grow myself, the cheaper my grocery bills will be each month. Making your own compost is completely free and all you need is some left over scraps from your day to day living. You could reduce the amount of waste tipped in to your garbage by around 30% they reckon.

The Benefits

So the benefit of compost is that you are creating a rich humus for the garden. The compost adds nutrients and helps retain moisture in the soil. The compost also provides microscopic organisms aerating the soil and helping to break down organic materials. The plants can then use those materials to help them grow. They also help to ward of disease. If you want to prevent any odours from the compost that you create, you can just cover it over with a layer of soil. This will also help to replenish the soil and restore its structure, rebalancing the soils PH levels.

Things to consider

There are many things that you can use in your homemade compost but make sure that you stay clear of things like meat, fish and bones. One thing you may not of thought to add to compost is egg shells. If you can blend up the egg shells, then that is best as it’s easier for the plants to soak up the calcium goodness that they provide. Any old vegetable scraps etc are also ideal for your compost. Give it ago, make your own compost and you’ll be surprised how quickly the garden will flourish. Here are the obvious financial benefits to consider. Hope the post was useful.