Maintaining My Garden

Hi, it’s Sandra here again.  I feel like I’ve been neglecting my garden a bit recently, in favour of the house. I’ve also been neglecting to talk about the garden much on my blog. The weather has been quite cold the past few month but now that spring is approaching I am ready to get back out into the garden and start caring for it again.  My garden is quite beautiful, it really is. I have a large wildflower meadow, a wildlife pond, some brilliant fruit trees and some stunning hedgerows surrounding the property.  I also have many beautifully manicured, smaller hedges and bushed interspersed throughout the 2 acres of garden.  I am often the envy of my friends. But then I do have the time to maintain the garden and many of them are too busy with their children or their work to reach the same standards as me.



Disaster, My Hedge Trimmer Has Broken:


I remember that, towards the end of fall last year, my hedge trimmer had started to play up again.  I have had it repaired several times because it was an expensive purchase and I haven’t wanted to give up on it so easily. I think the time has come to accept that it is finally time to find a new hedge trimmer for sale. have a huge variety, so it is easy to find a hedge trimmer for sale here.  However, I’m more of a thrifty shopper these days so I’m looking find a bargain, something that is well built and durable but also on the lower scale of my budget.


Lack of Technical Knowledge:


I don’t have much experience of, or knowledge about, motorized garden tools, so I’m not sure which the best brands to buy are and which hedge trimmers will see me through a good few years or so, preferably a decade like my current one.  When looking for a hedge trimmer for sale, should I focus on the price, the brand, model number, reviews about them or just go with my gut instincts? It’s difficult for me toy work out the best way to go about finding myself a hedge trimmer for sale. I don’t have any friends with this sort of knowledge either and I just kinda got lucky with my existing hedge trimmer, so you advice would be invaluable to me! Thanks.


Finding a Good Quality Hedge Trimmer For Sale:


I’ve found a decent hedge trimmer for sale here but as there is more than one hedge trimmer for sale and a variety of different types, I am finding it all a little confusing. For example, there is more than one variety of Long-Reach hedge trimmer for sale. Then there is a cordless Long-reach hedge trimmer for sale. My garden is very large and I have to connect several extension cables in order to trim all of the hedges. Because of this, perhaps finding a cordless hedge trimmer for sale would be the best solution? Though, on the other hand, are these lower in terms of quality than their plug-in counterparts?  I’m so used to just using the old hedge trimmer and lawn mower that I already have, as well as my non motorized garden tools, such as shears, clippers, shovel and spades, that I really am getting myself into a tiz about all of this.  There is also a page or two dedicated to a standard hedge trimmer for sale, in different shapes, sizes, model numbers and brands.





Please get in touch with your tips and advice. It’s been a decade since I bought any motorized garden tools and I feel so out of touch with latest trends and/or the reputation of brands. It’s essential that I maintain the standard I have set for my garden and being able to trim the hedges is fundamental to keeping the garden and beautiful and tidy as it has always been.



Never Too Old to Garden:


I love gardening in the more temperate months and, no matter how old I become, I just refuse to get a gardener in, even though I do have 2 acres of land to look after. Why pay someone else to carry out the chores that I perceive to be a delightful hobby? I do realize that there will come a time when I will have to find someone to do the bigger jobs but I hope to be doing at least some planting and manicuring of plants well into my 90s. I may be an old bird but I’ve got a lot of gardening life in me yet, I just need to find the best possible hedge trimmer for sale to help me continue my passion for gardening, to a standard that satisfies me.