Love to cook

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! Thanks for stopping by! So for today’s entry I thought I would introduce you to another passion of mine and hopefully we can share some advice and tips along the way.

I really do love to cook, it is definitely a long progression, something I have gradually developed over my life. A lot of what I have learnt is just purely from experimenting but also from watching other people. I trie to get inspired as much as I can so love to watch cooking programmes and go to different restaurants whenever possible.  I am definitely not a master baker, in fact I really struggle to follow any kind of recipe. Normally I use a recipe or idea I have come across as inspiration and will then just make up a dish as I go along. I think when you first start cooking this can be a challenge but once you begin to learn about flavours you really can think on your feet and get creative!

So one of the things I have learnt is when I eat food to think about the way it has been cooked and what flavours I can taste, if you begin to do this whenever you go out to eat you will start to learn more about flavours and cooking processes. I think being bold with flavours is key. Things like Chilli, ginger, cumin, garlic, coriander, lime, masala and mustard are just a few of the things that really can elevate a dish and make your meal pack a serious punch. If you don’t already own most of these items then I suggest you go out and buy them now! Being confident with seasoning is also essential here, it really is surprising how just another pinch of salt can take a meal from being completely bland to full of flavour.