Labeling Like a Boss

 What's going on y’all, and welcome back to my home and garden blog. Is your happy place wondering around your house with your label gun in hand putting something vague yet specific on everything from your daughters notebooks to your husband's socks. Looking for some tips to bring it to the next level? Take a look at some of these ideas for modern, DIY labels that will let you put a simple and concise name on everything in your home. 

Paint Pen

I have seen lots of different original ideas for labeling food containers, but the absolute best thing I have ever seen was a friend of mine who used a paint pen and then wrote on the canisters in her own beautiful handwriting. This is the prettiest and probably easiest way of making a lasting label for anything in your kitchen. 


If you are one of those people who have already went through the initial expense of buying a cricut machines, then you can create some really neat looking labels for things like balsamic and olive oils. You can also use it to make some really neat pantry labels, if you are feeling uncreative with it there is always the internet that has tons and tons of labels from other people ready for you to download to your machine and use. 

Room Sprays Simplified

Like most people, my house could stand for a little refreshing. I like to use essential oil room sprays with some recipes I picked up off various sources and printed off a very simplistic black and white labels along with some sweeter labels that were color coded. If your home has constant dog or child activity, then you might want to take a look at some of these yourself.

 Homemade labels