Installing A Security System

Hi folks and welcome back to my humble blog. In this post I wanted to talk about the importance of home security and why every household in the United States of America should be treating this issue as a priority.

If you are not currently intending to secure your dwelling completely against the current threats in American society, you most certainly should be. With the rise of terrorism and gun crime in recent years, any sane homeowner should be placing this above anything else on their to do list. One of the most effective and proactive measures to take to secure your home is the installation of a security system including cameras and alarms. This precaution will not only warn you of any impending danger, should the need arise, but could potentially avoid situations arising in the first place by discouraging would be intruders and/or attackers.

Security Cameras

The foremost thing that you need to do is to equip your house with security cameras. You have the option here to either install an overt camera system or a secret camera system depending on your particular requirements. these can be hard wired into your home in numerous locations and convey imagery back to a central location within the property. It is especially advisable to install cameras of this kind if you have expensive items in your home or a member of the family has received any unwanted attention from a third party in the past. Once installed, you'll be able to monitor precisely what occurs in the vicinity of your home, giving peace of mind to the whole family.

But don't worry, this will not result in your home looking like Fort Knox or a military installation. Modern domestic security cameras are very discreet and blend into their surroundings with relative ease. The size of the cameras themselves is modest and unostentatious while the wiring required to fit the system is minimal, resulting in a hassle free installation and clutter free system once fitted. They are also, in most cases tamper proof, nullifying any efforts by would-be criminals to deactivate the system prior to an intended home invasion or theft.


Security 01




No security system would be complete without a suitable alarm. This can be hardwired into the property or even diverted to the local police or private security contractors. Costs will vary depending on which option you choose. An overt alarm that is raised and sounds upon any attempted infraction will undoubtedly serve to deter would be criminals by drawing attention to the situation where as a covert alarm option would ensure that there was an opportunity for the authorities to apprehend the thieves in the act. One must consider whether it is better to deter or potentially put one’s property and family at risk by remaining covert.

Security 02

Windows, Doors & Locks

Going back to the most basic elements of any viable security system, the doors, windows and locks must be modern and fit for purpose. Professional thieves will instinctively avoid properties that have reinforced entrance/exits, opting for softer, less risky options.

Security 03


When choosing a suitable security system for sale online, it is important to bear in mind your particular needs and wants, the size and type of property you live and the budget you have available to spend. One should spend as much as they can afford on security system. This is not one of those things that you scrimp or penny pinch over. It should be treated as importantly health insurance. The best way to research the various products and services available is by via comparison and classified ads websites. This will give you an idea of the various products on the market and the range of prices available to you.


The last thing to consider before installing a security system is whether to pay a contractor, or the company from who purchase the system from, to install the system for you or whether to fit it yourself. This endeavour should not be undertaken lightly and only if you have the prerequisite skills to do the job. By fitting it yourself without the required skill-set, one would not only be potentially squandering a sizeable investment but also putting the well-being of their family and property at risk. Proceed with caution. Useful places to ask questions and conduct research into DIY installation are the various forums scattered around the web. in-particular has a dedicated home security sub-forum jam packed full of useful information for those planning on securing their home.

I hope you have found this post useful and that it is not too serious or negative a subject. But the reality is, in today's world we all need to treat home security as paramount in terms of importance.

Until next time.