Home Storage Tips

So how many people used any of the tips about painting in my previous post? I hope someone did! Next up I have some very useful tips on saving storage space in your own. If you have children like me then you know quickly houses can get in a mess. Even if you have a big kid like a husband also! Anyway here are a few of my favourite tips for a better organised and less messy home.


  • Does anyone have a full length mirror in the bathroom or anywhere else? I got my husband to knock up a frame that is the same size. Add a few shelves within this frame so you store some household items. You can then add the mirror to the front, so you have a mirror and also a cupboard.
  • A bit of an obvious one is to make use of the space under your coffee table in the living room. It is usually where the kids play and it will make it easier to tidy quickly afterwards.
  • Above the hood of your oven there is a space that is just begging to be used. How about convert it into a useful space to store some of your not so essential cooking items? Like the stuff you use to bake with for example.
  • One trick that I love which I can’t currently implement in my house is putting your TV inside your coffee table, so that when you open up the table you can watch TV. It also acts as a little deterrent to stop watching television quite so much.


Sure, some of these things take a bit of effort, but they don’t cost much and if you know what you are doing then they are pretty simple!