Floor Vases

Welcome back to the home and garden blog, hopefully you’ve read some interesting things and have taken away a few ideas. I just love sharing tips on thigs to do around the home and ways to make your home stand-out from everybody else. It’s too easy just to paint everything in boring, neutral colours then throw the odd patterned pillow in here or there to try and add some colour. Why not put a little bit of effort in and do something a little bit different? Don’t make every room the same, give each room a different theme maybe. You can do this in many ways and can be inventive along the way.

One of the things that will naturally bring colour and bring a room to life, is flowers. That is why one of my favourite ornaments around the home is floor vases. They’re something that feature in most of the rooms around our home. I love them because they come in all different shapes and sizes. They really do give you that impact when you walk in.


Floor Vases on the Staircase

I have one of those standard style staircases where you walk up one flight of stairs to a small landing area and then continue up another flight of stairs running back the other way alongside the first staircase. At the small landing point where the two staircases meet, I have two lovely vases with a brown/white mosaic effect on them. The one is larger than the other and a different shape. There is a short but wide one and a taller bottle-necked one. I have a green plant growing in the wide one and some nice pretty flowers growing out of the taller one. There is also a mirror on the landing so with that and the vases it seems to give the feel that there’s more space than there actually is when you’re looking at it from the bottom of the stairs. The colour of the vases with the plants inside really play-off the deep brown wooden flooring and the white walls.

Floor Vases in the Bathroom

In the bathroom we have a couple of 18-inch Turquoise and Gold Rhonda Vases. They really go with the nautical feel that we’ve tried to achieve in there with a lot of different shades of blue and green against the whites. These vases don’t have any plants in there at the moment however I had previously filled them with a blend of white, blue and green flowers which looked absolutely lovely. I’m doing a bit of experimenting at the moment but haven’t managed to achieve anything as satisfying since. I have actually added another smaller floor vase near to the sink where I’ve added some shells and a cactus style plant. That actually looks really nice and I get a lot of nice comments about it from visitors. I have been thinking of switching the Rhonda vases with some other vases made by Coastal Blue. They would fit the theme even better and they have various different shapes and styles available.


Floor Vases in the Living Room

In the living room and dining area we have an array of floor vases that are all different shapes and sizes. We’ve gone for Sterling Rose metal and gunmetal vases as our main theme. I love the different shades of metal you can get and the different patterns. We have all shapes and sizes scattered around the rooms which are joined together by an arch. The hammered dark copper floor vases also look really nice. Not all of them necessarily have flowers springing out the top and it all does really depend on what you’re going for and the style of the room as to whether they would benefit from it. Most of the one’s in our living room are more like giant ornaments than vases so they don’t necessarily need them. If you want to see what kind of range is available, then I’d highly recommend House of Fraser as they have a huge range and some really pretty designs for any kind of theme.

Repurposing Floor Vases

We use one of our large tall vases near the front-door as an umbrella/walking stick holder whilst another is used to store our board games as it is shorter but very wide. You can definitely repurpose them around the home. Another place for floor vases is the garden, especially for older ones that no longer have a place in the home. Rather than just buying boring ceramic plant pots, why not use a few floor vases to add a bit more character to the garden. I’ve bought old and used second-hand floor vases offline for cheap, often as bulk purchases so that I can just use them around the garden. Doesn’t matter if there’s the odd crack then. Check out the following link if you want to find cheap used vases for sale http://www.for-sale.co.uk/floor-vases at a good price. As I mentioned, House of Fraser though is definitely somewhere to look if you’re looking at redecorating the inside of your home and have a bit of extra money to spend.