DIY made easier with the right Air Compressor

DIY made easier with the right Air Compressor

So I thought I’d write this post about the value of a good air compressor when approaching certain DIY tasks around the home. I’ve been nagging my husband now for years to get more involved with maintenance and repairs on the interior and exterior of our house. He works with computers so he’s much more suited to sitting on his butt rather than doing physical work. I understand that DIY isn’t his forte and to be fair to him, he has improved gradually. He finally managed to paint the hall way earlier this year and even managed to put a couple of shelves up in our reception area.

Men love Gadgets

If only I’d realized sooner that all it would take is a few cool little gadgets and he’d all of a sudden transform into a DIY crazy mad man. I was trying to figure out what to get him for his birthday this year and was struggling for inspiration. I didn’t want to get him the latest game for his PS4 as I’d have even less chance of getting anything productive out of him. He had been looking at a nice new printer for his home office but our old printer was only purchased last year and is perfectly good enough so it would have been a complete waste of money even if it was a beast of a machine.

It’s about time he did more around the Home

I decided that the most sensible thing to get him was a few tools for around the home so that he could get cracking with some home improvements. I know for your birthday your meant to get things you want and tools definitely wouldn’t have been top of his birthday wish list. You might think I’m a bit harsh hassling him to do repairs around the house when I don’t even know what a nail looks like but when you have clothes to wash and 2- 3 meals to cook a day, you don’t really get the time. He gets weekends off whilst I just have more meals to cook. Anyway, as I’m not too clued up on these things, I enlisted the help of the internet to try and find out what tools may prove useful for the various tasks.

Time to get stuck in

We’d recently gutted out the spare room so that we can use it for guests. Now it has been painted finally, we need to fit new Dado, skirting rails and flooring. We already have all the wood but it’s just been sitting there gathering dust. I didn’t just want my husband to bang some nails in and bodge everything so I thought I’d better do some research. After reading through a few home improvement blogs, it was becoming apparent that a good air compressor kit may be the way to go to get the job done quickly, easily and efficiently. I was recommended The Home Depo site by a family friend. I found the reviews on the website helpful as it helped me to decide on which air compressor kit to purchase.

Why not get it cheaper if you can?

I’ve always been one for a bargain so I thought I’d look around the internet for price comparisons to see if I could get what I was after cheaper elsewhere. I settled on the DEWALT 6-Gallon 165 PSI Pancake Compressor but I also wanted to buy some tools that I could use with it to maximize its abilities. I managed to find a used and second hand site and found the exact same model I’d been looking at for cheaper and it had hardly been used. This meant that I could afford to get the extra tools without breaking the bank.

Happy Birthday!

My husband wasn’t best pleased when he first received his gifts but now he’s really taken to using the air compressor. Not only has he been able to neatly fix the railings in the spare room using his new brad nail gun, he’s also cleaned up all the slabs at the front and back of the house using the air compressor to get in between the cracks. He’s going to start redecorating our bedroom next week. Just looking at what new tools I can get him for Christmas now to make sure he stays keen. Definitely check out the link I’ve provided if you’re looking to kick start a DIY project and need to get hold of cheap used air compressors I’ll be using this site again for sure. Saving as much as possible on the tools means that we can spend that bit extra on the materials so you should seriously consider it if you’re on a tighter budget.