Creating My New Study

Redesigning my Study:


As you know, I recently updated my kitchen by up cycling my old kitchen units. It looks fantastic and I’m really please with the effect. My next project is to update the study.  I spend a lot of time in the study, working from home, reading or, of course, writing my blogs. It’s a room that I want to feel comfortable in but also appreciate the aesthetic of. Currently, my study is an absolute mess. It’s doubling up as the junk room. So, step one is to have a good ole clear out. Step two is to make this room beautiful and to find a new desk and chair.


Finding a Solution to Ease my Lower Back Troubles:


I often get really uncomfortable sitting at a desk. I have some lower back problems and really need to frequently adjust the position and height at which I sit at my desk. I don’t have enough cash for a hydraulic desk so I need to think of a better ergonomic solution.  Also, I don’t want my study to look like some sort of clinical space station. I want it to be a place of beauty, where I can feel relaxed whilst I work.  I think I have a great ide to allow for seating position adjustments without the huge price tag, and displeasing aesthetic, attached to a hydraulic desk.  My idea is to use an adjustable chair instead. I don’t mean one of those horrendous swivel chairs that I used to spin myself around on when my dad would take me into the office with him a child. I’m really not satisfied with having a modern looking study!


Finding a Used Barber Chair for Sale:


My idea is to find a used barber chair. Vintage barber chairs are, in my humble opinion, absolutely stunning. More significantly, the height of the chair is adjustable and the seat can recline.  This would be the perfect solution for me. I remember seeing a green leather vintage barber chair in an antiques shop many years ago (much like the one pictured below) and I wanted to buy it so badly. I just could not think of a use for it, this was many years before my bad back days. I knew that if I’d bought it, it would have looked so odd in the living room or kitchen that it would have just ended up growing cobwebs in the garage. Oh how I wish I had bought it and was off to the garage now to dust off those cobwebs!


Stunning Antique Chesterfield Desk:


I recently discovered an unbelievably beautiful and intact old Chesterfield desk on this website: 1stdibs and it is on its way to me as we speak! It has a green leather surface and would have looked amazing with that used barber chair I saw many years ago.  

So, now I am on the hunt for the perfect used barber chair. It’s really not that simple to find one that is in good condition, particularly one that is a true antique, but I have found a few good examples of a used barber chair here: vintage-barber-chair.  Low and behold, there is even a dark green one, much like the one I fell in love with many moons ago in the antiques shop.

How Should I decorate my Study in Accordance with the Style of My Chesterfield desk and Barber Chair?


Once I have purchased the used barber chair and as soon as this arrives, alongside my Chesterfield table, I will need to start thinking about how to decorate the study. Some period print wallpaper might be nice but then it’s also good to keep clear, clean lines in a room that I will be working in. I will just have to wait until the furniture arrives before making my decision.  One thing I am sure that I need is an antique lamp. I think a lamp with a brass base and detailed glass lamp shade, like the one pictured below, would set the look off perfectly. I know for sure that I will be able to find something suitable in one of my local antique stores and I just love to scavenge in these treasure troves. The owner of each store knows me by my Christian name! I spend half my life in them, literally! They all keep asking me why I don’t just become an antiques dealer myself. Hmmmm, perhaps one day I will!