Floor Vases

16/01/2016 Main

Welcome back to the home and garden blog, hopefully you’ve read some interesting things and have taken away a few ideas. I just love sharing tips on thigs to do around the home and ways to make your home stand-out from everybody else. It’s too easy just to paint everything in boring, neutral colours then throw the odd patterned pillow in here or there to try and add some colour. Why not put a little bit of effort in and do something a little bit different? Don’t make every room the same, give each room a different theme maybe. You can do this in many ways and can be inventive along the way.

One of the things that will naturally bring colour and bring a room to life, is flowers. That is why one of my favourite ornaments around the home is floor vases. They’re something that feature in most of the rooms around our home. I love them because they come in all different shapes and sizes. They really do give you that impact when you walk in. Read more

Managing your Greenhouse

06/01/2016 Main

Hope you’ve enjoyed the blog so far. Here’s a few tips on managing your own greenhouse. The great thing with a greenhouse being that it gives you a lot more room to grow your vegetables and you’re able to create better conditions so they grow faster. My first piece of advice would definitely therefore be to buy one as big as you possibly can to maximize what you can produce. Believe me, it will be worth the investment as growing your own fruit and veg saves you a lot of money and is one of the most all-round rewarding hobbies. You could always buy a second-hand greenhouse and even if there’s the odd crack or missing pain, you can easily source spares to patch it up. This could help you save even more if you find a real preowned bargain.

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make is on how big you can go and which style best suits your garden. If you have space, then go for the walk-in style with plenty of room. You can also get the lean-to style if you don’t quite have as much room and fancy something a bit smaller. Either way, when deciding, always consider where the un will be throughout the day as the more sun, the better the plants will grow. Read more

Vacuum Cleaners Undusted

06/12/2015 Main

Vacuum Cleaners Undusted

Welcome back guys, I really do hope that you’ve found my posts up until now useful as I have been trying to provide you with the best advice possible. This post I wanted to look at that choir that we all love doing so much, vacuuming. If you’ve got to do a job like vacuuming, then you want the right tool to make it as less tedious as possible. A bit like ironing, doing the washing or any other household cleaning task, having the right piece of kit can cut the task down to a fraction of the time and if your kit is good enough, you might even find a little room for some enjoyment. Read more

Making your own Compost

02/12/2015 Main

Making your own Compost

If you want a thriving garden, be it a nice display of colourful flowers or your looking to grow your own fruit and veg, having good compost is essential. Compost however is another expense and another barrier stopping people from being bothered to tackle the garden. For me, the reason I wanted to start making my own compost, was because money is a little tight at the moment and I figured that the more fruit and veg I can grow myself, the cheaper my grocery bills will be each month. Making your own compost is completely free and all you need is some left over scraps from your day to day living. You could reduce the amount of waste tipped in to your garbage by around 30% they reckon. Read more

DIY made easier with the right Air Compressor

30/11/2015 Main

DIY made easier with the right Air Compressor

So I thought I’d write this post about the value of a good air compressor when approaching certain DIY tasks around the home. I’ve been nagging my husband now for years to get more involved with maintenance and repairs on the interior and exterior of our house. He works with computers so he’s much more suited to sitting on his butt rather than doing physical work. I understand that DIY isn’t his forte and to be fair to him, he has improved gradually. He finally managed to paint the hall way earlier this year and even managed to put a couple of shelves up in our reception area. Read more

Home Storage Tips

20/11/2015 Main

So how many people used any of the tips about painting in my previous post? I hope someone did! Next up I have some very useful tips on saving storage space in your own. If you have children like me then you know quickly houses can get in a mess. Even if you have a big kid like a husband also! Anyway here are a few of my favourite tips for a better organised and less messy home.

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Painting Tips

07/11/2015 Main

Hi guys. Here I am with the first entry of my Home and Garden themed blog. Now like I said I aim to make it easier and more affordable to help make your living spaces a more beautiful place. Going to start off with some tips on painting, that I got from a professional friend of mine. They’re really good and work very well!

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Home & Garden Blog Introduction

02/11/2015 Main

Do you ever read some Home and Garden articles or blogs and think “Are they for real? Normal people don’t have the time or resources to achieve stuff like that”? Well I do to, and this is my attempt to sift through the rubbish and give you tips that are achievable and affordable. Welcome to my new blog!

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